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Building the Skira 52' Classic Motor Yacht designed by Daniel Skira

ACADIA was designed in the commuter style of the 1920's, but is intended to be used both as a day boat to accommodate a party of the owners' family and friends, and as a cruising boat for the owners to go off by themselves alone or with another couple.

Skira 52 Classic Motor Yacht The owners' needs specified a large cockpit for living outside, but with a canopy deck for protection from the sun. The interior still needed to be comfortable and have a fine galley, as well as a place to work. ACADIA's designer Daniel Skira has fit these requirements into a classically styled exterior and interior. The deck joiner work is varnished mahogany with locust trim. The raised foredeck, the side decks, and the cockpit and pilothouse soles are solid, laid and caulked teak. The hull is a creamy off-white. The interior is raised paneled Cherry in the main saloon and raised paneled Southern Juniper in the forward cabin.

Construction is typical American traditional yacht construction of double planking of edge grain Douglas Fir (Oregon Pine) over an inner layer of southern Atlantic White Cedar (Juniper). The frames are steam bent white oak. The keel and stem are Douglas Fir. The keel is one piece of old growth Douglas Fir, of unusually tight and straight grain. To get this piece we bought a whole Douglas Fir Butt from British Columbia. It provided us with the keel and many other construction members. The floors are a combination of white oak and fir. All fastenings are bronze or copper. ACADIA's mast is from old growth Sitka spruce out of a lot we bought to build some Herreshoff NYYC 30 masts. ACADIA has twin Mann 350 Horse power diesels driving five bladed props. ACADIA's designed speed was 18 knots. On her sea trials she attained 20.2 knots. Her cruising speed is 15 knots to 16 knots. On her maiden non-stop voyage from Camden to Newport, experienced hands aboard marveled at ACADIA's comfort and easy motion in the beam seas.

There are many configurations of what are now popularly called day boats, and many power cruisers. In this design Daniel Skira has combined the best qualities of both types with common sense and simplicity in an easily driven classic commuter style hull. There should be more boats like this.

Click on the below photos for larger images. [Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.]
The keel and keel batten of full length Douglas Fir.
The floor timbers bolted to the keel.
The stem and stem knee erected and bolted to the keel.
The moulds being erected on the back bone.
The ribbands have been bent around the moulds in preparation of steaming in the frames.
Steam bending the white oak frames.
A view of the planking from the bow.
John Anderson planking the starboard bow.
Nicolai and the last outer planks.
Looking forward from amidships.
Paint inside the planked hull.
Installing the portlights.
John Anderson and Stephen Florimbi fabricating interior panelling.
Stateroom panelling taking shape.
Assembling the Raised Panel Settee Face in Cherry.
Stephen Florimbi and Matt Floge assemble the Pilot House side panelling.
Shower Hardware installed.
John Maritato caulking ACADIA's solid teak cockpit sole.
The Companionway .
Another Companionway view.
Beautiful Desk & Panelling.
Some of ACADIA's deck joiner work.
A view of finished Lockers.
Finished Floor and Panelling.
The finished Galley.
The Galley Icebox.
The Galley Stove.
The finished Sette.
The finished Cabin.
The Steering Station.
ACADIA is launched!
ACADIA from the stern.
ACADIA on sea trails.
ACADIA on sea trails.
ACADIA on sea trails.
ACADIA's plaque.

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